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I am learning the lessons in the phrase, “Don’t take things at face value.” Have you ever dived into something with the intent of achieving a certain goal only to find it to be yet another detour. Well this has been theme of my 2009 thus far! I simply wanted to share my message and successfully teach the tools and insights I have gained over the years I have worked with people who have shared the battles they conquered by applying the techniques shared in my office.

I had devoted the year to finishing my book and getting it out to the public. In order to accomplish the task I had set aside every weekend to write, create and market. In addition I would start my seminars and get them moving…and off and running we would go…but that is not how the year has been going.

First and foremost my family decided that they had a life too and created their own little goals for the year. My oldest proposed to the girl he has fallen in love with and set a wedding date for May. My youngest is determined to leave for his mission immediately after the wedding.

My daughter is returning from her mission next week while my second son returns in July. That is not to mention that we get the opportunity of moving all the kids back and forth from their various locations. It ought to be a trip.

If it wasn’t enough that my kids took away about every weekend I had, my husband decided to act on the years and years of pleas to remodel the house this year. So I am currently sitting in a middle of a mess with a beautiful remodeled bathroom.

The rest of the house is still in aray. I am just praying that the remodel will be complete my May–since I have been informed that the open house is at my home!

One moment I want to throw a temper tanrum and exclaim, “When is it my turn?” But the the next minute, I remember what the reason I live my life–to be in the service of my fellowman, beginning with my family.

As you can see I have a beautiful and full life. I do thank my Heavenly Father for his mercy and loving gift of giving me a family…a family who loves and needs me. A family to love and to be loved by.

So the book is still in progress–I am learning to express myself and and share my message in a better and more sincere way. So it won’t surprise you that the trainings to do so pretty much take up the rest of the weekends I haven’t already used up for my husband and kids.

An so it is!! But by golly, when this book does come out it will be Fantastic–and that is a promise!! Have a great week–the greatest!!

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