Hehn Dimand

They/Them/Theirs She/Her/Hers
Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker

LMFT  #102834
Supervised by Cheri McDonald, PhD LMFT #27359

Hehn Dimand identifies as a queer social worker who uses They/Them/Theirs or She/Her/Hers pronouns. Hehn often uses humor to build rapport with their clients. When working with clients, they use empathy and compasssion in order to create a safe and understanding atmosphere. They
aim to allow each client to feel seen as a whole person by taking all parts of their lives into consideration. Hehn is a registered Associate Clinical Social Worker, and received their Masters in Social Work from New York University. During sessions, Hehn likes to collaborate with their clients in focusing on their strengths, coping skills and building their self awareness skills. She believes in reinforcing the clients autonomy in making decisions and personal control in life because they are the experts of their own lives.

Hehn attempts to share the mindset with their clients of choosing to see situations as challenges to overcome rather than as a threat to fear. Hehn has experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds in regards to various presenting issues. In the past, they have focused on working with clients who present with suicidal ideation, self-harm, depression, anxiety, sexuality issues, and LGBTQ issues. She pulls from various approaches such as Crisis Intervention Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, and Attachment Styles. Hehn is excited to begin this journey with you in helping you find the support you need.