Eye Movement  Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is said to be a magical modality in overcoming trauma. It is an interactive psychotherapy technique that works with the neuro-paths in the brain to relieve stress and opens ways for paradigm shifts.

It’s most effective in assisting working through trauma and overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr Cheri is trained and proficient in EMDR for past 2 years and already has witnessed over 100 clients magically untether from the negative ramifications from the negative ramifications of their trauma.

Reduce Stress

This revolutionary psychotherapy technique is known to help individuals relieve unwanted stress very quickly.

Heal Faster

EMDR therapy has allowed many individuals to experience healing at a faster rate than normal psychotherapy techniques.

Gain Support

EMDR has tons of benefits, but you will also have the support of our team during the process.

Gain Confidence

This form of psychotherapy can also help you gain back your confidence.

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Gain control of your life!

EMDR therapy can help you deal with some of the challenges you’re facing in a whole different way.

This form of therapy is also very different than traditional therapy and makes use of interactive technology that can benefit you on your journey to happiness.

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